"Let the children come to me for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”  Lk 18:16

St. Charles Parish supports parents in offering instruction in the faith, including sacramental preparation, for children in grades K-6, through a variety of programs.

GRADE BASED PROGRAM: Kindergarten - 6th Grade; Thursday Night 6:15 – 7:30 PM 

Each child in the Grade Based Program receives either a weekly handout (Kindergarten) or a workbook (Grades 1-6) that contains the weekly lessons and pages for family use. Supplemental materials are used in class as needed.  Classes for Kindergarten – Grade 6 are limited to 16 children. Preference for classes is given to registered parishioners on a first come, first served basis.

Class Level:  Kind. -  1st  -  2nd  -  3rd  -   4th  -  5th  -  6th

Class Code:  GB K - GB 1 - GB 2 - GB 3 - GB 4 - GB 5 - GB 6  

REECH: (Religious Education for Exceptional Children)

If your child would benefit from a religious education class adapted for children with special needs, please indicate REECH in the Class Code box on the registration form.  We will contact you to discuss further how we might best serve your child.

Class Code: REECH  

FAMILY PROGRAM: Kindergarten - 6th Grade

The Family Program meets monthly on Sundays from 4:00 pm-5:45 pm.  The goals of this program are to allow families to gather together for faith formation and to support parents in passing on their faith to their children.  Each meeting will begin with a large group gathering that includes dinner.  Small group gatherings will follow where parents meet together and children will meet by grade.  Each small group will discuss the same catechetical topic and will explore the liturgical year.  Each meeting will cover a different topic.  Families will received materials to reinforce topics discussed, to help lived the liturgical year at home, and to support weekly lessons at home on new catechetical topics.

Class Code: FAM

HOME BASED PROGRAM: Kindergarten – 6th Grade 

Each child will receive a workbook that contains the weekly lessons.  Parents receive a manual to accompany the child’s workbook.  Parents and child/ren should seek to establish a consistent meeting schedule.  This program needs a volunteer coordinator to assist with gathering families on a periodic basis and sharing information among those enrolled in the Home Based option.  If you are interested in preschool at-home materials, please contact Francesca Sayre for suggestions on materials to purchase for your use.

Class Level:  Kind.  -  1st  -  3rd  -  4th  -  5th  -  6th

Class Code:   H K   -  H 1  -  H 3  -  H 4  -  H 5  -  H 6  

ATRIUM PROGRAM: Age 3 - 6th Grade 

The Atrium Program uses a Montessori approach to religious education which incorporates Scripture and manipulatives to teach about the Catholic faith.  Each child works at his/her own pace.  Class size is limited to 12 children.  Preference is given to registered parishioners on a first come, first served basis.  Please note that this is a multi-year program where material covered in following years builds on material presented in previous years.  Thus, Atrium Level I is a prerequisite for Atrium Level II.   

Class Level: Level I (Age 3 - 6 )   Level II (Age 6 - 9) Level III ( Age 9-12) 

Class Code:         A1                             A2                        A3

For more information on all of these programs please contact Francesca Sayre at 703.527.5500 or fsayre@stcharleschurch.org

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