Our relationship with the St. Charles’ sister parishes located in greater Cavaillon, Haiti is going strong after some 30 years! 

Just as Jesus educated, fed, and healed those He encountered in and around Galilee, so do we at St. Charles—through the generosity of parishioners, family and friends—work to help educate, feed, and foster good health for the families in greater Cavaillon in these ways:

  • Education: Provide the opportunity for more of the children to go to the Catholic schools by funding part of the costs to operate the elementary schools run by our sister parishes.

  • Nutrition: Provide local farmers a better opportunity to sell their crops while at the same time feeding the children lunch at the sister parish elementary schools by investing in and acquiring rice, beans, et al. from the local agriculture cooperative, KAMAK, as is practical.

  • Health: Foster health awareness and safer water for the sister parish school students and the citizens of Cavaillon by funding the cost to drill water wells, install water piping and a cistern at the parish secondary school, teach children about good hygiene, and so forth.

Cavaillon is a rural (agricultural) community, located on the Cavaillon River in far western Haiti. St. Charles shares with two parishes, Our Lady of Perpetual Help and St. Joseph, both spiritually and materially, and they pray for us in return.


Please contact us at haiticommittee@stcharleschurch.org to learn more about joining the Haiti Committee or helping provide financial support.

You may contribute financially online through Faith Direct here.

Or by sending a check to or dropping off a cash donation at the St. Charles parish office.  In any case we would appreciate your completion and return of the form linked to below in order to help us in matching donors and gifts.  You can either mail or drop off the donation form at the St. Charles parish office or email it to us at: haiticommittee@stcharleschurch.org

Thank you to all who donate generously to support the children in Cavaillon, Haiti

How your donations are put to use

 In 2018-2019, $69,000 in total support was provided for the purposes of education, nutrition, and general parish needs.

·         Education:  $40,000 for school tuition costs, and $1,500 was provided for new school equipment and supplies. 
·         Nutrition:   $20,000 was provided for school lunch programs across five sister parish elementary schools. 
·         General Parish Needs:  $7,500 was provided for sister parish general needs. These funds were donated for this purpose. 

For comparison, in the 2017-2018 school year, St. Charles provided $70,500 for education, nutrition, and general parish needs in similar proportions as previous years.

Committee Members: 

Kathy Gunther
Drew Kraisinger
Lynnette LeMat
Sue McIntyre
Patrick Realiza
Mariel Vales
Caroline Young
Richard Young