Registration is currently closed, but all women are invited to attend the monthly Connect Social events (see below).

Walking with Purpose is a Catholic Bible study for women that aims to bring women to a deeper personal relationship with Christ. Through personal study and small group discussions, the group helps to link our everyday challenges with solutions given to us through the teachings of Christ and the Catholic Church.  

This fall, St. Charles parish will be introducing a new session: Opening Your Heart. This foundational, 22-week Bible study is designed for women who are new to Walking with Purpose as well as those with more Bible study experience. For additional information on this study, please visit the Walking with Purpose website.  

Walking with Purpose meets weekly on Tuesdays from 7:15-9:00pm in Benedict Hall.

Monthly Connect Socials - Open to All!

Once a month, we invite all women from the parish to join us at our usual Walking with Purpose meeting time. If you are thinking about registering for Walking with Purpose but aren't ready to take the plunge just yet, Connect Socials are a great way to meet other women in the study and to get a small taste of what Walking with Purpose is like. There is no registration or RSVP required to attend these Connect Social events - all are welcome! See below for a calendar of upcoming Connect Social dates.