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Update: New Lenten Small Groups to begin the first week of February 2018!

A number of new small groups are currently forming for an 8-week Lenten Small Group series, beginning the first week of February. Lenten Small Groups are facilitated by fellow parishioners, and gather in a variety of locations to discuss life and faith, reflect on God’s word in the Sunday Mass readings, and to pray with and for each other. If you are interested in joining a Lenten Small Group, submit your information via the form below and we will help you link up with a group that suits your availability and interests.

Please note: As a ministry of St. Charles Catholic Church, Small Groups are open to all registered parishioners. If you live within parish boundaries (see map) please complete the parish registration form along with the form below. For non-parishioners, we are happy to help you start or link up with a small group in your area.

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