Parish Registration

Map of Parish Boundaries of St. Charles Borromeo Church

NOTE: Before attempting to register at St. Charles, please consult the parish boundary map above to see if you reside within the territorial boundaries of our parish. According to Canon Law, membership in a parish is based solely on where you live. If you are unsure whether your residence falls within the boundaries, you can search for your address using this tool.

In exceptional circumstances, the pastor reserves the right to allow non-parishioners (those not residing within the parish boundaries) to register with St. Charles. If this situation applies to you, please describe in the Comments section of the registration form why you are applying to the pastor for a waiver of registration as an out of territory parishioner.

Enter your information below and submit. If you have a spouse, please fill out the form again with the information for your spouse and note in the Comments field at the end that the person is your spouse. If you have children, please fill out this form for each child you have. 

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