April 30, 2017

Dear Friends, here’s what’s up this week:

BISHOP’S THANKS FOR OUR BLA SUCCESS.   Bishop Burbidge has written me–and all of you through me–to thank us for our success in supporting the Bishop’s Lenten Appeal this year.  I am grateful for and proud of all of you who generously pledged to fund the good works of our bishop and of our diocese.  May God repay you!  Here are the figures:

Year                                                         2017
Goal given by Diocese                          $245,000
Amount Parish Pledged                         $279,000
Percent of Goal                                        114%
Number of pledges                                   683
Percent of parishioners pledging               34%


Please note that late pledges are still coming in to the diocese and being recorded, so our totals will doubtless grow–and I will keep you posted!

BUSY SPRING.   The busy times of Lent and Holy Week are over, but there’s “never a dull moment” at St. Charles–there are always so many good things going on at our parish:  our numerous small groups continue to meet and to support each other in the spiritual life, including with a retreat this weekend; we have begun the women’s Bible study called “Walking With Purpose”; we help the homeless and needy families with food and with emergency assistance; we’re preparing for First Holy Communion for our second graders in May, and for Confirmation for our eight graders in June; we have a counselor from Catholic Charities providing support for anyone interested; we have FORUM cultural events scheduled; our Pastoral and Finance Councils meet regularly to advise the Pastor; our Hispanic charismatic prayer group gathers for prayer and praise every Saturday night; volunteers continue to serve as Catechists, Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Choir Members, Ushers, food pantry stockers, meal providers to the homeless…  Not to mention the regular Masses, Confessions, marriage preparation sessions, spiritual direction and counseling meetings that are always going on…  I hope you take advantage of the varied formational, sacramental and spiritual, and social offerings of our parish–and that you support us with your time and talents:  Get active! Get involved!

Your servant in Christ Jesus,
Father Don






If the diocesan bishop judges it opportune after he has heard the presbyteral council, a pastoral council is to be established in each parish, over which the pastor presides and in which the Christian faithful, together with those who share in pastoral care by virtue of their office in the parish, assist in fostering pastoral activity.  A pastoral council possesses a consultative vote only and is governed by the norms established by the diocesan bishop.  Code of Canon Law, Can. 536 §1-§2.

By mandate of the Bishop of Arlington, every pastor in the diocese is to have a functioning Pastoral Council which is to be governed by the principles enunciated in the pastoral letter “A Pastoral Letter on Consultation in the Parish,” dated September 17, 1984.


Members are appointed by the pastor to serve for terms lasting two years; terms are renewable.
Terms are staggered, with half the members’ terms expiring each year.
Terms follow the academic year, lasting from September through June; meetings are monthly.

The Following is the current membership & their terms:

  • Jim Moran               9/14-6/16
  • Dean Reineking       9/14-6/16
  • Jennifer Bible          9/14-6/16
  • Mike Sampson         9/14-6/16
  • Ryan Bieshaar         9/14-6/16
  • Andrea Bender        9/14-6/16
  • Anne Rader             9/15-6/17
  • David Scheele         9/15-6/17
  • Alina Walker           9/15-6/17
  • Amy Stoffel            9/15-6/17
  • Jackie Parada         9/15-6/17

Ex-Officio Observers

  • Rev. Rich Dyer, Parochial Vicar
  • James Scampavia, Finance Council Chairman




In each parish there is to be a finance council which is governed, in addition to universal law, by norms issued by the diocesan bishop and in which the Christian faithful, selected according to these same norms, are to assist the pastor in the administration of the goods of the parish.  Code of Canon Law, Can. 537



The council consists of an indeterminate number of appointed members.  
Members are appointed by the pastor to serve for terms lasting one year; terms are renewable.
Terms follow the academic year, lasting from September through June; meetings are monthly.
The council is assisted by certain parish staff persons who also participate in its meetings and support its work.

The Following is the current membership & their terms:

  • Jim Scampavia (Chair)                9/15-6/17
  • Andrew Velde                            9/15-6/17
  • Jack Meara                          9/15-6/17
  • Cathie Miller Fagerstrom            9/14-6/16
  • Laura Navar                               9/14-6/16
  • George Parkerson                      9/14-6/16

Finance Council Staff Support

  • Rev. Rich Dyer, Parochial Vicar
  • Amy Fry, Director, St. Charles Early Childhood Education Center
  • Christopher Rowe, Business Manager