2 CHR 34:3

St. Charles Parish assists parents in offering spiritual, catechetical, charitable, and social formation for high school students (grades 9-12) through its WAY (Wise and Young) group.

WAY meets every Sunday 7-9pm in the WAY room.

For more information, contact Francesca Gross at fsayre@stcharleschurch.org


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WAY is the high school youth ministry program at St. Charles. During the school year, we meet most Sunday nights 7:00-9:00 PM at the church where we get together, in a laid-back atmosphere, to talk about things that matter to teens, especially as they relate to faith. High school teens (and their friends) are always welcome, no matter how many WAYs they have/or haven't attended. Our mission is: Empowering high school aged youth to trust, love, and serve God by incorporating Church teaching and Tradition into a Catholic WAY of life.

WORKCAMP 2019  is an awesome week of fun, faith, and service. Youth and adult leaders from all over the Diocese of Arlington give up a week of summer vacation to follow in the footsteps of Christ by serving others. Work Campers do home repairs for the needy and elderly to make their homes warmer, drier, and safer. They also grow in their faith through the sacraments, speakers, fellowship, and service.

As we search for ways to escape these feelings of isolation, there comes a small, quiet whisper that pierces through to the depths of our heart: “You are never alone, because you are Mine.”

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WINTER RETREAT 2019                  

St Charles works with five (6) other parishes  ( St Charles, St Leo, Holy Spirit, St Mary of Sorrows, St Mary Old Town, St Louis ) for a high school retreat!

WHEN: February 15-17 (president day weekend)

WHERE: Northbay Camp in North East, Maryland

COST: $75 (includes meals, transportation, housing)

The retreat is Friday through Sunday and includes daily Mass, penance service, adoration, and small group discussions. The presentations will be provided by the clergy and Directors of Youth Ministry from the parishes involved. Our theme for the weekend will be centered on PSALMS 1: 1-3 Living ROOTED in God’s Word. Meeting us in the midst of our desires and our search for fulfillment, Jesus alone satisfies our hearts’ desires and calls us root ourselves in His Words. The talks, small group discussions, and prayer experiences will all revolve around this theme, and we aim to reach both the minds and the hearts of the teens that attend.