Family Home Based Program

St. Charles wants to support our families who desire to home school their children for Religious Education. Parents are the primary catechists and the Church is here to support you by providing guidance, materials, and resources for your family. We ask that each family who desires to home school their children to register for our program and your family will receive access to Faith and Life Online. Ignatius Press’s Faith and Life Online Series offers students, grades 1-6, a thorough grounding in Catholic doctrine. In light of salvation history, students will learn about Sacraments, morality, social teaching, and the Church’s life and mission. Interactive learning includes videos, games, discussion questions, reflections, and links to more information, online assessments, reports, and more. Parents will have the responsibility to lead discussions and activities at home with their children.

Through the program Katie Wilson will be able to track attendance and maintain accountability for the program and will address concerns if requirements are not met.  Parents who fail to satisfy these requirements may be asked to switch to the traditional Grade-Based Program, especially during sacramental prep years.

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